it's been a minute...

hey there.

a few things have happened since my last blog...  =^]

taking a break from the world wide web can be a very good thing, but i'm thinking that it's time to get back in the saddle again.  this blog has been a healthy outlet for me in the past, so i will continue to document all that is awesome.

the next few posts will attempt to bring me up to speed on myself...  you can follow along too if you want.  we'll talk about the regular stuff:  family, faith, & fellowship.  these three are among the most important things in life; and what we choose do with them will ultimately determine our future.  feel free to leave me some feedback, or questions that you want me to tackle.  i promise that i'll get back with you in the next couple of years...

here's to reconnecting!

_that's what matthinx.

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