it's been a minute...

hey there.

a few things have happened since my last blog...  =^]

taking a break from the world wide web can be a very good thing, but i'm thinking that it's time to get back in the saddle again.  this blog has been a healthy outlet for me in the past, so i will continue to document all that is awesome.

the next few posts will attempt to bring me up to speed on myself...  you can follow along too if you want.  we'll talk about the regular stuff:  family, faith, & fellowship.  these three are among the most important things in life; and what we choose do with them will ultimately determine our future.  feel free to leave me some feedback, or questions that you want me to tackle.  i promise that i'll get back with you in the next couple of years...

here's to reconnecting!

_that's what matthinx.


happy bert-day carter!

hey there.

the fam went to the park for carter's big #3 day last week.  little man turned three last year, according to him.  so it was really good that he actually made it...  alive.  here are some of my fave pics from our fun outing:  ENJOY! 

and now for the money shot...  gotta love that little daredevil!  he's nothing at all like his daddy.-]

& hot mama's big day is tomorrow!  i just love it when that girl gets older than me.  love you pooh bear!

_that's what matthinx.


tooshie totes

hey there.

wendy jo & i met for the first time in 7th grade.  we were those jr. high school sweethearts that made you sick to your stomach.  the truth is:  our cuteness has been known to make even our own stomachs turn.  80)

there is no doubt that knowing somebody for nearly 25 years comes with some really good times...  but it also comes with a handful of difficult days.  we have had to learn along the way that real love is quite stubborn.  working through the difficult days is the only way to discover and enjoy the really good times.

another crazy thing about knowing someone for about 25 years is the way we get into each other's heads.  finishing each other's sentences becomes second hand.  we can look into each other's eyes and decipher a paragraph of thoughts.  it's just freaky!  i can come home with a surprise, but she figures it out instantly.  and i can quickly tell that she's onto me, and she picks up on the fact that i know she knows...  [makes it kinda hard to pull one over in our house]

but for as long as i have known wendy, she has been one creative chica.  in fact, one of the coolest parts of my day is seeing her latest creation.  she is currently putting all of her creative juices into tooshie totes.  you can check out some of her goods on etsy.  i'm not a girl, but if i were, i would totally be into this junk.  besides, our kiddos would really appreciate the business.  =)

_that's what matthinx.

p.s.  today makes 15 years & 9 months of being hitched to my best friend!


undefeated losers

hey there.

it's always fun to be undefeated.  there's nothing better than pulling off what you knew you were capable of...  even in the face of every critic.  the kansas city chiefs currently find themselves 3-0, the only  unbeaten team in the nfl!  nobody truly believed they would be in the position they are in this week.  but they have relearned something about themselves:  money & prestige can occasionally have an impact on the win column; but strong hearts and raw talent carry the trump card every time.

go ahead.  get out there and prove your critics wrong.  don't be fooled into thinking that you will win every battle...  but with the right motivation and God's help, you will win the war.

[and also, please pray for the chiefs...]

_that's what matthinx.


my friend steve

God knows.

He always knows!

it never matters what we've been through, or even where we've been...  God knows how to reach us with His relentless love.

it's like when a stranger from the other side of the planet shows up to worship with you at church, and then he sings a couple of songs that God uses to bring you crashing to your knees.

steve parsons is a funny guy.  i really think you'd like him.  his humor is perfectly dry, and his sarcasm is perfectly dropped.  he's not some pre-packaged squeaky clean plastic christian.  he's real.  he's been there.  but He is madly in love with God as he follows Jesus in real life.  and i haven't even know him 24 hours, but we are kindred spirits.  his lyrics are honestly raw, leaving no room for excuses:

one truth can set a man free, lift him up out of the dark, give him a reason, give him a new song to sing. one Man nailed to a tree, paying the price of a new beginning.  love is His answer and life is the gift that He brings.

i want to care without a stony heart.  i want to love and never lose the spark.  i want to go illuminate the dark.  and i want to, want to love.

[from 'one life'  _  written by steve parsons]

 check this out:  i attended central bible college with danae rutherford, who married steve parsons [singer/songwriter from the uk], who was invited to attend a conference in estes park colorado with eugene peterson [the beast behind 'the message'], and then got in touch with paul church [college friend & current pastor], to finally minister to the body of believers at dakota ridge assembly [where i just happen to attend].  you can call all of those details a tangled mess of happenstances, but i would simply call you crazy.

thank God for working all things together for the good!

_that's what matthinx


life is good

hey there.

with 5 kiddos & a maltese named little joe...  the day gets underway very early at the davis place.

i guess it would first be helpful for you to understand my philosophy of the morning.  i've seen a sunrise or two in my lifetime, and actually enjoyed one of them.  @_@  but i simply believe that God would have put His sunrise in the middle of the day if He wanted me to consistently experience it.  

the thing is:  i would feel quite accomplished if my early wake up calls were because of my morning mountain climb, my long distance bike ride, or my intense P90X workout.  but instead, my mornings are filled with a very large cup of joe, a crack of dawn walk with little joe, dragging some kiddos out of bed [coop, ashton & caleb], unsuccessfully putting others back in bed [carter & abbie], and a few more glorious cups of coffee.  nope, none of this stuff leaves me feeling uber cool; but all of this stuff leaves me feeling extremely fulfilled.  these days, the biggest part of my day is spent hanging out with the fam.  and if i'm lucky, i get to wrap it all up with wendy jo on a late night mickey d's/starbucks run  [oddly enough, the toffee latte washes down a mushroom & swiss angus wrap really well].

the bottom line___  i'm absolutely loving my new schedule.
it has been crazy watching God perfectly recreate our provision.  my management training is now complete with ultimate protection inc., and i could totally get use to these seven hour work days!

so, if you're in the denver metro area, here are 2 things to remember:

1.  join us anyday of the week for some early morning
 mayhem [please let us sleep in until at least 6am].

2.  if you're ready to protect your family from the bad
 guys or house fires, i'll get my team right on it.  '8~]-

that's what matthinx.


the do-over

hey there.

before the great wii, before the xbox, before psanything, even before running water...  we had atari.  it was back in the old days when 3D graphics weren't part of gaming.  some of us remember a time when our video games didn't come with pre-packaged imagination.  we primitively manipulated our pixelated icon across the tv screen, and sat amazed.  it was magical!

one thing has never changed though:  the reset button.  honest gamers will admit to using it more than they were proud of...  but we were thankful to have one more chance to beat the machine.  one more chance to figure out the things we had missed.  one more chance to execute the perfect game.

i'll never forget the long wait before the system was able to reboot.  it seemed like an eternity.  such wasted time.  we had more important things to do than just sit there waiting...  like fixing what we did wrong.

life is like that sometimes, and we find ourselves waiting to reboot.

thank GOD for HIS relentless love!

_that's what matthinx